The Hoosier Recruits

Music is often provided by our all-volunteer band, The Hoosier Recruits. Current members include Peter Martin (hammered dulcimer and flutes), Dot Pakan (accordion), Suzanne Keldsen (fiddle) Julietta Raby (fiddle), Hilda Demuth-Lutze (keyboard), Mark Lutze (bass), and Marti Pizzini (guitar and a variety of other traditional instruments).

Other Bands We Have Enjoyed

  • Trois Canard
  • Good Gravity
  • Cosmic Otters
  • The Panning Family
  • Celery City Sodbusters
  • Chirps Smith & Friends
  • Dr. Hojka's Medicine Show
  • Grande Old Aubrey
  • Millbillies
  • Pinhook Bogtrotters
  • Blind Squirrel
  • The Cat Wranglers