Our Dances

Contra Dancing: dancers form two long lines standing across from their partners. The caller guides the dance partners to dance with each other and with the other couples. With each repeated round of the dance, the dance moves lead you and your partner to progress up (or down) the line to dance with the next couple in turn. When a couple reaches the end of the line, they change direction to dance their way back down (or up) the hall. Square Dancing: four couples face each other in a square of eight people. Dance moves include things done with your partner and also moves done with all others in the square.
Circle Dancing: usually circles dances are mixers meaning that the partner you start with will not stay your partner for long. Dance moves are done with each sequential partner as well as everyone in a large circle. Waltzing and other couples dancing: we often have a waltz or other couple's dance at the break and end of the dance. These are usually not taught and free-style dancing is welcomed. The caller and other experienced dancers are willing to give a quick lesson if desired. Other related dancing: we sometimes do other related dances that are variants of the above including the Virginia Reel and others.